Send messages, Protect your privacy.

Delivering a powerful privacy experience

Speakapp has everything you need — Encryption by default, Protects your metadata. Speakapp utilizes a onion routing protocols, your connection is routed through multiple points. Only you and your contact can decrypt messages.
Friendly Names Now on Speakapp
Use names like alice.bit instead of addresses like VEX8RcvSTFDVXerDqCyA3AXW7cfZbTc6eqsAeCdcqEPd4vz7grDna
Decentralized and under your control
Just enter the recipients .bit name. No more stress about sending to the wrong address. You get control of your own personal namespace. Use it to associate addreses, share your avatar, publish contact information and more.
Create your account Your web3 account, is a name for all your wallet addresses, and decentralised messages. -- Web3 account is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Vexanium blockchain. These account are generated locally on your machine.
Save your private key All messages in Speakapp are end-to-end encrypted using the cryptographic key. Cryptographic key used for encrypting and decrypting messages. If not saved, you will lose access to your account or wallet. Store and protect your keys!
The personal data of over 700 million Linkedin users, 93% of the platform’s total, was hacked on put on sale in 2021.
Each party can encrypt messages with public keys in a true peer-to-peer connection. Only you and your contact can decrypt messages.
An estimated $100 million was stolen from major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid in August 2021.