Connect, Chat, and Pay Worldwide with Ease.

Speakapp is an end-to-end encrypted messenger and payment on the Lightning Network.

Over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide.

No Privacy. No Default Encryption. SIM Swapping Attack

Delivering a powerful privacy experience

No phone number. No email address. No trackers. All messages in Speakapp are end-to-end encrypted using the cryptographic key. Only you and your contact can decrypt messages. Speakapp has everything you need.

Privacy and Data Ownership

We believe everyone has the right to privacy. Decentralized identity is the idea that identity-related information should be self-controlled, private, and portable.

Paid, Get Paid, and Send Money Globally

Speakapp is realizing the future by opening the world of peer-to-peer payments with Lightning Network Infrastructure.

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