General Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 21, 2024

Speakapp's main goal is to create more open and secure user interactions and reduce dependency on third-party that control user data.

Speakapp is designed so that it doesn't store any information which could be used to track you. We don’t store any identifying information about your device, such as your IP address or your user agent. You also don't need a phone number, e-mail, or any information tied to your real identity to make a Speakapp account.

Data Collection

We are committed to privacy. In all of our recent product features and functionalities, we ensure that no personal data is collected. Your data is safe and secure with you. Since we do not collect any data, we also don’t store any personally identifiable information.

Every update and new functionality is rigorously tested to ensure it aligns with our strict privacy standards. We believe in transparency and integrity, ensuring that your conversations and interactions remain confidential and secure. Furthermore, our infrastructure is built to uphold the highest standards of privacy. We don't track your activities, gather metadata, such as your geographic location or use third-party analytics that could compromise your anonymity. Our commitment to a privacy-first approach means that your interactions are solely your own, free from any form of surveillance or data collection.

Data Encryption

We aim to help you become the owner of your data. We use Zero knowledge encryption. This means that nobody, even us, is able to peek into your messages or files without your permission.

Zero-knowledge encryption is a security model that uses encryption and data segregation to make data breaches irrelevant. Zero Knowledge is a system architecture that guarantees the highest levels of security and privacy by adhering to the following principles:

    1. Data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level (not on the server).
    2. The application never stores plain text (human readable) data.
    3. No Speakapp employee or 3rd party can view the unencrypted data.
    4. Multi-Layer encryption provides access control at the user, group and admin level.
    5. Data is encrypted locally on the user’s device before it is transmitted and stored in Speakapp’s Cloud Security Vault. When data is synchronized to another device, the data remains encrypted until it is decrypted on the other device.

App stores

If you use Speakapp on your Android or iOS phone, Google or Apple might store information about how you use the app using the telemetry features which are built into their operating systems.

They can record when the app is closed, opened, how long you use it for, crash logs, and your device model. This usage information could also be linked with your Google or Apple account. Unfortunately this is a limitation of mobile operating systems, and applies to all apps used on your device.

If you’re planning to use Speakapp on mobile, it’s worth reading Apple or Google’s privacy policies. If you’re using iOS, check out Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. For Android, read the User Data section of Google’s Developer Policy Center.

Keeping Your Account Secure

Speakapp embraces privacy by design and does not have the ability to access your messages. You are responsible for keeping your Recovery Phrase Key, device and your Speakapp account safe and secure. If you lose your Recovery key, you will never be able to restore access to your account.


We may be asked to respond to certain information requests. Any information which we are permitted to publicly share about requests that we have received will be included on this page. These requests may relate to Speakapp, our secure messaging app, Mainnet, our onion routing network, or any combination of our technologies.

Information requests may be issued through subpoenas or other forms of legal demand, informal channels, or through legislation.

However, due to the design of our decentralised technology, we cannot collect user-specific data. Speakapp is designed so that it doesn't store any information which could be used to track you.


We will update this privacy policy as needed so that it is current, accurate, and as clear as possible. Your continued use of our Services confirms your acceptance of our updated Privacy Policy.

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